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Annie Atedgy

Creator &  Theater designer.

Born in 1975 in Israel.

Graduate MFA program in theatre design (Arts of Theatre Department) and BFA program in Theatre & Art History ( Arts of Theatre Department  & Art History Department ) , both in Tel-Aviv University.

Designs for theatre  in Israel and abroad. 

Among her works for the theatre in ISRAEL :'The Committee', 'Known', 'Pinta', 'Incendies', 'Gufa' (Her Body), 'The Spotted Tiger', 'Enter the Night', 'Things i Forgot in my mom's closet', 'After Troy', 'The Farm', 'Practice Maces Perfect', 'Ticket to the Circus', 'Riders to The Sea'.

Designs for theatre in GERMANY :  'The Queen Commanded Him to Forget' (by Ofira Henig & Ensemble), 'Kind of' (by Ofira Henig & Ensemble) , 'Three Dog Night' (by Ofira Henig & Ensemble).





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